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Single Origin Medium Roast


Great coffee doesn’t need a special occasion to be enjoyed. Whether you’re starting your day, entertaining company, catching up with a friend, or reading a good book, our Brazil roast is the perfect companion. This is a coffee that any coffee lover can enjoy.

This roast is great for any brew method from a french roast, drip coffee machine to favorite espresso drinks.

As a single-origin roast, these beans come directly from the farm fields of Brazil. The country of Brazil is renowned for its perfect coffee climate conditions, which you can experience firsthand with every cup made from these beans. With this roast, you can expect notes of mild cherry with a rich, nutty sweetness.

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To our fellow coffee sojourners, we hear you. You want your coffee to be “your coffee”. It helps you stay calm when life’s distractions come your way. We believe when you stay grounded in who you are, your journey leads you True North. Believe and build confidence in yourself and your vision. Take time to fully enjoy the experience of today, starting with our coffee, because our coffee is “your coffee”.

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