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Providing Adventurers with Delicious, Ethical, Organically-Sourced Coffee.

We are a Midwest coffee distributer that’s as passionate about sustainability & ethical coffee-farming practices as we are about delivering consistently satisfying roasts.

Building a Better Future for Farmers & Our Families

At Brew North Roasters, we believe in coffee without comprise. That’s why we only work with ethical coffee roasters who provide coffee beans with traceable origins that have been farmed using sustainable practices. We are dedicated to ensuring the farmers who grow our products are working in a safe environment where they receive a livable wage.

We started this company so that we can leave behind a better world for our families and the families of our customers.

When you buy a product from Brew North Roasters, you can expect a consistent product that contributes to a brighter tomorrow. We invite you to join us in leaving a positive future for the next generation.

Our Story

Brew North Roasters was started by Matthew Olsen and his mother Patricia. Matthew has been a lifelong adventurer and athlete. After a knee injury forced him to slowdown, he refocused his energy on learning everything he could about coffee. He dreamed of an organic, ethically-sourced coffee that tasted as great on top of a mountain as it did in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Patricia wanted to create a lasting legacy for her children and grandchildren. She saw her son’s growing passion for coffee and thought about the comfort a great cup of coffee provided. Unfortunately, her most recent coffee purchases had been inconsistent and disappointing.

Together, they set out to provide coffee that was organically-sourced and consistently satisfying. It was also important that the farmers growing the product were well-cared for. As a midwestern family, farming has always been close to their hearts.

Today, Brew North Roasters provides their customers with coffee from around the world that tastes great and supports a sustainable coffee economy.

Helping You Stay Grounded

We know how important it is for you to have your coffee. Whether you’re adventuring through the wilderness or simply trying to navigate life’s daily distractions, a great cup of coffee can sustain you. It brings joy and relief while helping you stay grounded.

If you’re still looking for your coffee, we’re here to help.

At Brew North Roasters, it’s our mission and motto to help people “stay grounded.” That’s why our coffee is not only ethically produced, but consistently roasted. From your first bag or your fiftieth, you can expect the same amazing, organic flavor that you can fall in love with.

We’re honored to have our coffee be your coffee so that you can be yourself, experience the day, and stay grounded for whatever is ahead.

Enjoy a Better Organically-Sourced Coffee

Our coffee is ethically-sourced and made for people who enjoy nature as much as natural ingredients. Don’t just settle for any cup of coffee. Find your coffee.

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To our fellow coffee sojourners, we hear you. You want your coffee to be “your coffee”. It helps you stay calm when life’s distractions come your way. We believe when you stay grounded in who you are, your journey leads you True North. Believe and build confidence in yourself and your vision. Take time to fully enjoy the experience of today, starting with our coffee, because our coffee is “your coffee”.

Be you and stay grounded.

Brew North Roasters