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Pour Over Kit + Grinder Bundle

Travel grinder + pour over kit


The most integrated adventure-brewing system now comes with the world’s most rugged and refined hand coffee grinder, enabling you to brew the finest cup of pour over coffee no matter where you are in the world.  The Nest Pour Over Kit + Java G25 Grinder incorporates 80% recycled double-walled stainless steel construction with a BPA Free food grade lid and nesting storage connector to create this portable coffee brewing system.  With a dual-thread design, the 6-piece Kit assembles into one compact unit, ideal for making and drinking coffee outside.  When disassembled, the Kit delivers two 10oz double-walled mugs, one BPA Free splashproof lid, a double-walled pour over coffee dripper, and a nesting storage connector that houses the included Java G25 Grinder.

This is the sleekest, integrated, mobile coffee system on the market.

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